Edmonton Copy & Printing     8927G - 82(Whyte) Ave. Edmonton, AB T6L 7B6  /Made With Serif WebPlus.

With your paper originals our fast, high tech equipment will scan your  originals and copy one or thousands. Our equipment auto collates,  double sides, reduces/enlarges, makes booklets etc…

Other services include: Printing Overhead Transparencies  DocuPac presentation folders,  Scan-To-PDF services.

                             Our Docucolor CLC 650 printer and copier can perform "off the glass" miracles

                              or can print digitally from virtually any digital file you would like to provide.                               We use a   CREO PostScript RIP in front of  our Docucolor for colours that  pop!                                      It prints continuous tone CMYK images  up to 12.5"  x  18.5" in sizeOur                                 standard stock is 28 lb. Laser paper, and we  are able to  print on card stock

up to 12pt. In thickness. Double  sided, bleeds, large areas of solid coverage, transparencies,

even linen stocks, we can print them all.

Our digital system supports any common software ex. Corel draw, Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, PageMaker, Photoshop, Adobe, etc. for output to the Docucolor and the high speed Image Runner Canon 105. Also, we can print from virtually any colour Postscript file or Acrobat PDF file.

Your "off-the-glass" colour copies will be produced with excellent colour fidelity, and can also be modified and enhanced:

enlarged or reduced * centered or cropped * produced as overhead transparencies and much more!

Your "off-the-glass" colour copies will be produced with excellent

Colour fidelity,and can also be modified and enhanced.